Tremendous Growth Brings Greater Challenges


Tremendous Growth Brings Greater Challenges

These are interesting and exciting times for both the Medical Marijuana (MMJ) and Security Industries. The MMJ industry is growing tremendously with all indications that this growth will continue into the long term. There are tremendous amounts of cash and huge assets of highly targeted valuable product that require protection. With tremendous growth comes tremendous challenge.

The legal marijuana industry brought in $2.4 billion last year, so it’s certainly no longer any sort of laughing matter. Huff Post 3/28/15

Our base business, Secure Applications was created to provide Tamper Evident (TE) and supply chain security product to government and industry with a goal of preventing theft, pilferage, or tampering of unattended goods in transit. We were well suited for the task and our backgrounds include operations, customer service, cargo crime investigation, retail security, counter terrorism and counter piracy.

Our entry into MMJ was a natural extension of our original goal and philosophy. Our motto at our original company, Secure Applications is: It’s Time To Stop The Bleeding!!! In fact, our handouts at Supply Chain trade shows has been band aid packs with the slogan colorfully printed on the pack as a way of emphasizing the point. It’s unfortunate that we meet a good number of our clients AFTER they have suffered a loss. Proactive prevention is what Secure Applications has built its entire philosophy and product line around. Similar to a burglar alarm, early installation is the key to prevention and a secure environment.

Tamper-Evident-CannabiSeal-MMJ-Security-StripsWe were receiving numerous calls from people within the MMJ industry and we realized that there was not only a need for Tamper Evidence but also a tremendous opportunity to get involved in an industry that will be experiencing many changes and restrictions in the near future. Secure Applications conducted research, interviews and consulted with other security colleagues and simply put, CannabiSeal™ was created to answer the need of security in the MMJ business.

There are many qualified and talented security practitioners entering the MMJ industry every day. They bring years of experience and come from many areas of expertise such as surveillance, physical security, access control, secure transport, etc. Most importantly, they bring multiple layers of security that when utilized properly can prevent tragedy, protect people, product, cash, and protect the bottom line.

With that said, we would like to focus on our area of expertise, Tamper Evidence, (TE) and outline how incorporating TE into your processes and protocol can be of benefit to your overall security posture.

First of all, no matter if you are a grower, repository, delivery service, etc. we urge you to take the steps of security BEFORE you suffer a loss. It’s further suggested that you do not wait for government to dictate the requirements for tamper evidence, how and when it should be applied, and who is responsible for application and protocol. In most cases, government does not completely understand your industry needs and operations, resulting in a framework of restrictions that dictate procedures and processes that will prove inefficient, costly, and of little benefit. It’s your industry, you understand your business and it will behoove you to map out your own future.

CannabiSeal-Tamper-Evident-LabelsTamper Evidence is a low tech solution that is utilized to prevent Theft, Pilferage, and Tampering of your goods while being handled, stored, unattended, or being transported. It’s like having eyes on your product when it is out of your sight and not allowing your product to be out of control.

Application of tamper evident labels, tapes, bags, or products provides closure of the package and deterrence to the act of theft or tampering. It is not implying that it will stop the act but stating that TE is a deterrent that makes people think twice because there is a tool in place that can get them caught red handed for their actions. TE is not a lock out, it is a lock in.

Another benefit of TE is that it can create Identity to your product and packages. Our stock products have unique sequential numbering that will never be duplicated and is utilized only by your company. We also offer customization that allows you to customize a unique alpha numeric sequence and print your logo and additional custom text as a means of promoting your brand.

Chain of Custody is a major advantage and feature of properly utilized TE. As an example, the grower can seal a tub or transport container with a label or tape that has a unique sequential number. Let’s say they log container # 24 as being sealed with Cannabiseal™ label/tape # A5555555. They further document who loaded and sealed the container, the date / time / location. When the container is picked up for transport, the transporter can inspect the seal to confirm that it has not been tampered with or compromised, providing chain of custody and a timeline of events.

That’s pretty much how it works. Application of an appropriate TE solution provides Closure, Deterrence, Identity, Chain of Custody, and a quick visual indication of entry to a product by unauthorized persons. TE is a simple, low cost addition to every security program and CannabiSeal™ would welcome the opportunity to discuss your particular needs and operations.

In closing, we feel it is critical to note that we strongly suggest you take the time to outline your entire product flow from cradle to grave. If you document every time your product is handled, stored, transported, and changes hands, you will easily see the times of exposure and vulnerability. TE applied and reapplied at the correct times is critical. We leave you with this thought – Applying TE products without having a process or plan is a waste of time and money. Please contact us and we can help you create a plan that will protect your products, profitability, customers, and bottom line.

Thank you to all for your fantastic response and welcoming CannabiSeal™ into your industry. We are fully committed to improving MMJ security and hope to be a resource to all we meet. Wow, it’s gonna be a one hell of a ride.

Bob Frucci
VP Secure Applications, LLC / CannabiSeal
Security Consultant / Application Specialist
(732) 874-0954


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