Medical Marijuana Security Labels

CannabiSeal: Medical Marijuana Tamper Labels

When you’re in the business, it’s important to be protected and remain insulated from theft, tampering, and other malicious activities.

Too often, business owners don’t act on their own medical marijuana product security until it’s too late, and product has already clandestinely walked out the door.

CannabiSeal medicinal cannabis security labels aim to deter and prevent these types of situations before they can become a reality.

With its simplistic and minimal approach to medical marijuana theft protection, CannabiSeal provides a cost-effective, proven mechanism for dealing with this problem.


How can CannabiSeal MMJ Security Labels help you?

Easy to Use

Using CannabiSeal is as easy as peeling off a label from the roll and applying it across the opening of your closed product.


Increases Sales

With your added medical marijuana security, you’ll find that both your employees and your clients will be secure in the sale.


Gains Client's Confidence

From the time that your client purchases your product, to the time they use it, your client will be pleased to know their goods are secure.


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