CannabiSeal secures your product and helps your business grow!

Why protect your product?

If you’re in the business, protection of your products and revenue should be your #1 concern.
75% of all theft and pilferage happens from people on the inside. Protect your business & clients from theft & product tampering!

CannabiSeal offers solutions for unauthorized access that can easily be detected with a Tamper-Evident Seal. The added security will ensure that your client’s order reaches its destination without interference. Ensure your clients’ safety by using CannabiSeal.

CannabiSeal leaves a “void/open” message when removed, and it’s designed for use on cardboard boxes, plastics, glass, and wood. It’s available in a non-residue or residue adhesive.

We offer a wide range of bags from tamper-evident to high security bags, cash, documents, as well as eco-friendly shopping bags.
Earn your client’s trust with CannabiSeal.

A Solution for Medical Cannabis Security Problems

CannabiSeal provides a cost-effective way to manage theft and pilferage in your supply chain.
The #1 cause of business failure in the USA is retail theft. When you compare that to the statistic above, that’s a scary thought.

You can use CannabiSeal as a Tamper-Evident Solution for Totes, Containers, Bottles and Bags.
Protect your products from interference and tampering with an inexpensive layer of security.

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Now Featuring Child-Resistant MMJ Packaging

CannabiSeal Security Bags provide a secure way to keep medical marijuana out of the hands of minors with a simple, yet effective method. With a locking zipper mechanism, these bags create deterrence for tampering or theft.

Coupled with CannabiSeal Security Strips, patients can also protect their medicine with an additional layer of tamper-evident security. The bags are made from durable material and keep their contents hidden and secure.

CannabiSeal Medical Cannabis Security Bags comply with all requirements of the Poison Prevention Packaging Act (1970).

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Why choose CannabiSeal?

Industry Experience

We have over 15 years of experience in the Tamper Evidence & Supply Chain Security Industries.

Competitive Pricing

We offer quality products at competitive pricing, therefore reducing cost and improving your bottom line.

World-Class Customer Service

We’ll listen to your concerns and provide the best product and solution for your unique situation.


We handle it all! Choose Secure Applications for all of your Tamper Evidence & Supply Chain Security Needs.


At Secure Applications, it’s all about the people we work with. We strive to build solid business relationships with both our suppliers and customers.

Knowledgeable & Diverse Staff

Our experienced staff includes Security Practitioners involved in cargo crime investigations, C-TPAT Compliance Experts, Risk/Security Assessment Experts, and Application Specialists.

Industries Served

  • Cannabis Labs & Repositories
  • Air & Sea Cargo
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Distribution Centers
  • Defense Contractors
  • TSA
  • US Government & Agencies
  • Jewels & Precious Metals
  • Gaming
  • Manufacturing
  • Food
  • Banking
  • Consumer Packaging
  • Chemicals
  • Transportation
  • Airlines
  • Trucking
  • Warehousing & Storage
  • Law Enforcement
  • CCSF
  • Foreign Governments & Agencies
  • Electronics & High-Value Shipping
  • Clinical Trials
  • Elections
  • Cosmetics
  • Power Generation

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